Growing up Catholic


The long hot summer is giving way to the beautiful glow of Autumn sunshine. Our children return happily to school.

Reception class at St. Joseph’s are completing their firstweek in the classroom.

Parents have wisely chosen our excellent school not just for its high academic standards, but for its Catholic ethos, where they want their children to flourish and grow in their knowledge of Jesus. He is our standard and stands at the centre of all our gatherings.

In choosing our school, parents affirmed their ongoing commitment to journey in faith with their children as they grow up Catholic. Just as we gather as a school family in the classroom for five days a week, we commit to gathering with the parish family for Mass every weekend. Parents have asked their respective parish priests to sign their supplementary school application form affirming the sincerity of their commitment.

In our busy lives, we need to set aside one hour each week for Mass where we worship God, and are drawn into deeper communion and friendship with Jesus and one another. When we draw near to Jesus with generous and open hearts we will be blessed with joy and thanksgiving deep within us.

This is a good time for parents to come forward to volunteer to help with one of the ministries in the church, such as welcoming, coffee rota, Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW), church cleaning, altar serving, reading the Word, Ministering the Eucharist, becoming Catechists, or helping and supporting in any way you can.

We need your gifts and ideas. Every little helps. When we act with love, everybody wins and we become the kind of community you want to be part of.

I want to encourage the families who are presenting children for First Reconciliation and Communion or Confirmation to support your children in every way that youcan. In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks you and me “Who do you say that I am?”

As you prepare with your children forthe celebration of the Sacraments next summer speak with them about your own relationship with Jesus. Together we will grow in our friendship with Him and grow up Catholic to full maturity in Christ.