St Joseph’s altar servers are enrolled into the Guild of St. Stephen

The Archdiocese of Southwark recently celebrated its 46th Annual Altar Servers Mass & Rally, a significant event attended by over 400 altar servers from 30 parishes. This year, St. Joseph’s Bromley Parish was honoured to be chosen to serve as the main altar servers at the sanctuary.

Canon Victor Darlington, alongside 25 other priests, led the ceremony. During the Mass, 200 altar servers, including those from St. Joseph’s Bromley Parish, were enrolled into the Guild of St. Stephen, the patron saint of altar servers.

Each participant received the Guild insignia and a special blessing from Canon Darlington, followed by taking solemn promises and pledges to their ministry.

Fifteen young servers from the parish participated, marking a memorable and prestigious occasion for their community. The event highlighted the dedication and commitment of the young servers to their sacred roles within the church.