The washing of my hand was a humbling experience


How blessed my husband, Jaydev, and I were to be able to attend all three services of the Easter Triduum this year. The celebrations were deeply moving.

I would like to say a big thank you to the parish team for all that they do and for following the promptings of the Holy Spirit!

I had been unable to go for confession this month and was speaking to the Lord about my disappointment before Maundy Thursday service was about to begin. I thought, ‘Lord if they could wash my feet, then I would feel cleansed by You. But I knew it would be such a chore, adjusting my clothing… What about my hand, Lord? Is that not possible? But, anyway, I know it’s too late now.’

Then to my amazement, Mary Crosby from the parish pastoral team came along and asked if I minded being one of the 12 to have my feet washed – and if that was too much how about my hand?

Well, Mary, thank you for following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Father Tom washed and dried my hand with such love and tenderness, it was a touching and humbling experience for me and I sensed those around me were also deeply moved. Fr Tom kissed my hand, yet I wanted to kiss his hand – the hand that brings down the Lord to us!

How blessed we all are, in the celebrations of our Holy Catholic Church. We have everything to be thankful for!