Together, we are part of a big story


Children love stories; so do adults. We enjoy telling stories and listening to them, too, and we love to hear a good story again and again. Our storytelling takes many forms — a mum or dad reading a story to their child at bedtime, with the favourite story  requested yet again. Try to skip a few lines and you will be called back on track!

We tell stories through film, drama, music, poetry and the novel. Stories draw us into the world of the storyteller, so that we might see the world from a fresh point of view, gain insight on truth and life.

Our love for story is rooted in the Divine Story. We are each a spark of the story that is Light, Truth, Love, Goodness and Beauty – GOD.

The story that is God is expressed in one word. That word became flesh and His name is Jesus. Every Sunday, when we gather for Mass, we listen to excerpts from God’s story book, the Bible. The story from the Old Testament today is taken from the book of Deuteronomy and tells us of the terms of the agreement between God and the Jewish people. The story continues, though it is not quoted in the passage today with the following words “do not let them (the words that you have heard) slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them rather to your children and your children’s children.”

As I write, cards, gifts and yes a single red rose (!) are being delivered to the presbytery. And each of them tell a story. I am 72 today and I so very much enjoy being part of your story and you my story. Together we are part of the BIG STORY. In him we become one Body, one Spirit, Jesus Christ. Let us celebrate!