As Diocesan Deaf Service moves offices, remember the parish’s hard of hearing

The Diocesan Deaf Service recently moved to an office at the Centre for Catholic Formation.

We remind all parishioners and members of the church of the possibility of there being deaf or hard of hearing people living locally, and that there is a diocesan service available to assist in the pastoral care of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Bishop Paul Hendricks said: “It is characteristic of deaf people that their needs tend to be overlooked by hearing people — simply out of a lack of awareness — and it is all too easy for them to become unintentionally marginalised.

“Therefore there may be deaf and hard of hearing people in your parish, unknown to you. Sometimes this becomes apparent only during sacramental preparation or in connection with schools.”

For further information, contact Peter Morrissey from the Centre for Catholic Foundation by email at or call 020 8672 7684 (office).